Company Statement

To produce and market a wide range of home improvement and building products which are aesthetically attractive, of high quality, delivered on time and complete.

• To market these products through different brands into the various market sectors and niche markets ensuring that at no time do we create the opportunity for price or product conflict between different markets. 
• To retain and develop our market leadership in these markets where we are currently the market leaders
• To strive for market leadership in these market sectors and niche markets where we have not yet attained leadership. This can be achieved through better service, design and lower costs than those available from our competitors. 
• To constantly strive to improve customer relationships at all levels of customer contact to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
• To operate profitably and generate the necessary funds to enable sufficient investment for the continued development of the business and to provide a satisfactory return.
• Ensuring maximum job security for our conscientious employees. Offering greater employment opportunities which in turn will increase the prospect of a greater standard of living 
• To be a respected company both within the local community and the wider business community and to act with integrity in all our dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and remaining stakeholders